Dear all,

Christoph Corves (yooweedoo) and I are thinking about a one-week crash course Knowmads&yooweedoo for 15-20 Changemakers, either in Kiel or in Amsterdam in spring 2019.

What do you prefer, doing it in Kiel or in Amsterdam?
What are the major subjects you would like to work on?

Let us know. Use the comments. Danke Sehr!

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Joëlle Gauthier
15. Nov 2018
Hi, it sounds like a very interesting course. I would prefer doing it in Amsterdam. Main obstacles/ barriers for new social entrepreneurs and strategies for the structure of a social business (espacially during its growth) could be interesting subjects. It is always good to have study cases (meet a social entrepreneur, visit it's business). Thank you for this opportunity.
Caroline Magalhães dos Santos
19. Nov 2018
Hello! Indeed, it sounds very interesting :) I would also prefer to do the course in Amsterdam. In regards to topics, I'm now particularly interested in further knowledge about financing a social enterprise and how founders can use sustainability/social impact as an asset that leads to more investments. Recently I have seen more articles about SRI, would be nice to discuss it. Meeting with experienced social entrepreneurs and investors would be, surely, amazing. Looking forward to hearing more! Thank you.
Maria Izabel Garcia
20. Nov 2018
I am interested! I would like to do it in Amsterdam for a change of scenery :) Also I think it would be a good opportunity to get to know the local (and national) sustainable initiatives, since by the end of this semester I think most students will be quite acquainted to the ones in Kiel. Regarding the major subjects, I think it would be interesting to learn more about long-term project planning and business model generation in the lines of social entrepreneurship, as well as the incorporation of marketing elements and methods for spreading the idea. And of course, the very essence of Knowmads' methodologies, action-based learning is what attracts me the most. I'm already looking forward to further updates on this proposition!

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