Changemaker MOOC (English)

Planning change projects.

What is the aim of this course?

The Changemaker MOOC helps you to plan your own change project. The course shows how you can use entrepreneurial approaches in order to solve social and environmental challenges. It helps you to develop your change project no matter whether your interest is focused on society, the environment, education or culture. The course takes you step by step from the first idea to a detailed project concept. It deals with all relevant aspects of planning your project: defining aims and target groups; developing the strategy; planning the implementation of the project in terms of tasks, costs, team and time; developing a fundraising strategy; communicating and marketing your project.

Is this course focused on theory or on practice?

This course is oriented practically. Our aim is not to teach you theoretical knowledge but to assist you in planning your own change project. Every chapter teaches you how to write a part of the project concept. At the end of the course you will have a detailed concept for your change project. Such a project concept is the basis for the implementation, the communication and the financing of your project.

Does the course require previous knowledge?

No, this course does not require pervious knowledge. It is suitable for all people who want to plan their own change project.

How much time will I need for the course?

The course consists of approximately 4.5 hours of video material plus additional text lessons. You can complete the course step by step over a couple of weeks or months or you can work your way through the course within a couple of days. Equally you can use the course as reference for information. Your expenditure of time is not determined by our material but by planning your project.

Will there be a final exam?

No, the Changemaker MOOC does not end with an exam.

Will I receive a certificate of participation?

No, we do not issue certificates.



1 Lektion 1 Changing the world
2 Lektion 2 From an interest to a project idea
3 Lektion 3 What is Social Entrepreneurship?
4 Lektion 4 Setting project objectives and target groups
5 Lektion 5 Optimizing the strategy
6 Lektion 6 Planning the project structure
7 Lektion 7 Planning the implementation of the project
8 Lektion 8 Financing the project
9 Lektion 9 Publicizing the project
10 Lektion 10 Presenting the project


Christoph Corves

How to Change the World? Diese Frage beschäftigt mich seit vielen Jahren. Für mich sehe ich die Antwort im Bereich Teaching for Empowerment. Dainter steht die Frage, wie man Lernprogramme so gestalten kann, dass Menschen lernen, wie sie selbst die Welt verändern können. Aus dieser Motivation heraus sind die Projekte yooweedoo und entstanden, die ich leite. Wenn ihr Fragen zu diesen Themen habt, freue ich mich von euch zu hören.

Felix Wenning

Hallo, ich arbeite als Projektmanager von yooweedoo und Wenn ihr fragen rundum unser Lernprogramm habt, schreibt mir bitte eine email und ich werde euch hoffentlich weiterhelfen können.

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