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The Changemaker MOOC helps you to plan your own change project. It takes you step by step from the first idea to a detailed project concept. It deals with all relevant aspects of planning your project: defining aims and target groups; developing the strategy; planning the implementation of the project in terms of tasks, costs, team and time; developing a fundraising strategy; communicating and marketing your project. You do not need any previous knowledge to take part in this course.


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Großstädte boomen, Mieten steigen und Wohnraum wird knapp – Das Projekt "Tiny House" hat ein winziges Haus auf Rädern entworfen und zeigt, wie ökologisches und minimalistisches Wohnen aussehen kann. Ohne Verzicht und multifunktional. Mehr erfahrt ihr in der Funkenzeit.

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Dear all,

Christoph Corves (yooweedoo) and I are thinking about a one-week crash course Knowmads&yooweedoo for 15-20 Changemakers, either in Kiel or in Amsterdam in spring 2019.

What do you prefer, doing it in Kiel or in Amsterdam?
What are the major subjects you would like to work on?

Let us know. Use the comments. Danke Sehr!

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Dear all, last week I was with you in Kiel and I am impressed by what you are doing and initiating concerning projects and companies. Great to see and feel the energy.

I am organising this December 14th a one day programme next to Amsterdam. The No Bullshit Academy. Check it out at and a short movie you can find here . If interested, we can send you the brochure. Please send an e-mail to

Welcome to the real world!

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