Communication is it!

The zukunftsmacher-platform provides various tools to communicate and interact with other users and beyond. This page explains you how to use these features.

Please set up your personal profile page now.

Your personal profile page is the basis for communicating with other members of the community. Write something about your interests and talents. Do you already have a project idea or even a project? Tell us a few words about it. Perhaps you have specific skills or you would like to offer your help to other projects? The profile page is the right place to do that. You find your profile page by clicking on your username on the top right of the screen.

Who are the members of the community?

Go to the main menu and click "users". This brings you to the page which provides an overview of all members of the community.

Which members are there in my city or region?

Using the box "Users from" on the top right of the users page, you have the option to filter the members of the community by postcode. If you enter "2" you will receive a list with all members that have a postcode that begins with "2". If you enter "24" the list will show a list of all members whose postcode begins with "24". By clicking on a member you come to that person's profile page.

How can I contact other members of the community?

Select the profile page of the person you want to contact. On the right hand side of the profile page you will find the green button "contact". If you click on this button a contact form will open which allows you to send the person an e-mail. The e-mail will be sent to the mailing address that was used during registration.

What is the community?

The community provides various features to communicate and interact with other members. You find the community in the main menu.

Which tools does the community provide?

  • As a registered user of the zukunftsmacher-platform you can post on the wall of the community. Posts can be short text messages or videos.
  • In order to post a YouTube video you just copy the URL and insert it into the textbox. Then click on "publish post".
  • Please mark your posts as "Information", "Question" or "Event". Posts on the wall can be filtered based on these categories.
  • You can start a conversation by commenting the posts of other members.
  • With the help of the Facebook, Google+ and Twitter buttons you can share posts in your social networks.
  • By clicking on the author of any post or comment you reach the personal profile page of that person.
  • All your posts will be listed on your personal profile page.

Please note that the wall is visible also for not registered visitors of the zukunftsmacher-platform.

How do I contact the platform manager?

Do you have any suggestions for improving the platform? Or you want to complain about inadequate posts on the community wall? By clicking on "contact" in the main menu you can send the platform managers a message.

How can I toggle on/off the subtitles in the YouTube video player?

Subtitles should be switched on as a default. If not, they can be toggled on/off in the YouTube video player by clicking the button "CC" in the lower left of the video player.